SI Company Name Mail Status
Computer Planet Andy  mail sent and waiting for reply
Palicomp Nicky  Sample sent 21/11/2016
Dino Marco  Spoke to Marco 17/11/16 (using Corsair for rebate reason)
PC Specialist John  Simone
UK Gaming Daman  wait for  6 months time for the brand awareness
uTopia Mark  mail sent and waiting for reply
WiredtoFire Peter Anish
Ginger6 Matt? Done
Falcon Computer Darren  Done
MeshComputer Shane  sample sent 17/11/16
ChillBlast Darren Would like to try after New Year
Novatech Ben  Mail sent and will flow up
Aria Dave  Mail to Dave and will call him on 18/11/16
AdvanceTech Naseem
Box Tom
phone is busy and will call again
Ebuyer Graham spoke to Graham and at his list
CPC Martin
CCL James  Not interest at moment
Dabs I don’t’ know you need to find out
Scan Done
KustomPC Done
Overclockers Done